Price tiers price update in bulk via excel import

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We have price tiers that have prices based on the cost price. You can calculate this in Dear based on fixed supplier price or latest supplier price or average. But we use a website that is integrated via API. Unfortunately calculated prices aren't sent to the API. Sending that information to the API would solve our problems. But also be able to update the fixed prices per tier (not the mark up part) via Excel without any other field would help to speed up the calculation without altering other fields. Ideally you should be able to export the file with the latest supplier price average supplier price and fixed supplier price. And possibly Discount Name from the item card. Then you could calculate it quickly in Excel and upload without affecting any other field while doing so (we use the inventory list but have to be careful with the other files and upload it's limited to 1000 lines). I believe this would add a lot of flexibility to calculate prices since you can't currently read the calculated prices fields through API.

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2 people like this idea
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