Add 'minimum before reorder' as an optional field in the 'Availability Report'

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The AVAILABILITY of assembled products (SKUs with a BOM) is calculated in Dear in a number of different ways;  the availability page of the inventory module calculates availability as the maximum number of product which could be made up with the components available in its BOM,  (ie the same way as calculated in a finished goods assembly), plus the finished product on hand.  However, apart from the 'availability report', none of the other reports calculate 'availability' in this way - rather it's based on stock on hand.  Unfortunately, 'minimum before reorder' is not included in the 'availability report'. This creates a real problem as it's not possible to set a 'minimum before reorder' threshold for each assembled product and then report on 'minimum before reorder' against availability (on hand and potentially available from components).  If one has a warehouse of finished goods plus components, it becomes incredibly annoying not to be able to do a quick report like this in Dear.  A straight forward solution would be to add 'minimum before reorder' as an optional field in the 'Availability report' in the 'Inventory Report' section of the reports module. This would be unbelievable helpful.  

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