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Would you be able to update the CRM system in DEAR? At the moment it has a very basic feature set.

Some of the items that would be beneficial are:

  1. Opportunity filter timeframe - At the moment it is set as 30 days and I have to change this every time I access the CRM, this should be user configurable preset.
  2. Reference Field Column - We use the reference field to detail what the opportunity is, at the moment we need to access each opportunity to find out what it is for. Especially tedious when you have multiple opportunities for the same account
  3. Should be able to show values excluding Tax as currently this does not give a true representation of the value.
  4. There are no reports associated with the CRM, we really need a way to export a report of the current status' of opportunities in the CRM.

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  • Number 3 = this is in the column field in the list of opportunities and not in the actual opportunity itself

  • Number 4 - The reports element would be great to monitor opportunities status on a weekly/monthly basis

  • 1) Image - The mergefield are very basic. All the forms have the opportunity to add the product image and the "Opportunity" doesn't have this basic feature.

    2) Delivery Address - We can't add a different delivery address.

    3) Filter by rep

    4) No reports for the "Opportunity"

  • Kanban can be good to have it in the Dashboard

  • nothing has been changed in 10 months ... terrible 

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3 people like this idea
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