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With 10K+ products it requires around 7-8 hours to update quantities in Shopify integration > Catalog > Update quantities. I have to keep my browser open the whole time and even then sometimes it will fail and I have to start over. It becomes a multi-day event to get it completed. 

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  • Oh man, where do i start with Shopify integration!! The integration is flaky at best, the problem is the Dear work arounds are too onerous and break other things than just to fix minor issues.. Dear in my opinion is NOT a content management system and I have now use to use it as such, but has been set up as such. Data in Dear differs for us to Shopify, whether that is pricing or the inclusion of product dimension and weight, which i don't need in Shopify. I am happy to manage Shopify data separately to Dear, but just want Dear to update the inventory number, nothing else, I want to set my data in dear in Shopify separately and not want to be forced to either download from Dear to Shopify, which hardly works, or upload every thing from Shopify to Dear, which then deletes loads of product data in Dear, the last time took me 3 months to recover when i followed what support told me to do and we had to manually add shipping weights and dimensions for every order into our shipping system until we found the time to fix the issue. Because you can't upload one csv for 10k lines with the data in and the csv doesn't like certain data formats for SKU and barcode data and needs editing every single time.. I am sure it works well for some folk to use Dear as a content system, but our use of Shopify predated Dear and i need Dear to fit in with it, not to have to complete change another system for it. So providing an option just to enable SKU to SKU mapping, which Dear doesn't do today, and then for it to just update the inventory number only would be better.. Prescriptive all or nothings rarely work..

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