Automatically apply tags for orders/customers that come in from specific sales channels

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Would be great to filter orders based on specific tags that originate from specific sales channels. There are specific sales channels, such as FAIRE who take 25 or 15% commission.  If we could automatically apply tags to customers/orders, then we would not have that extra 2 steps to apply tags to each customer.  As a result, we can apply discounted rates easily and other countless possibilities

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  • I second this idea! It allows for so many customization and filtering capabilities. Shopify also has order tags whereby any order that is placed in the backend can have a tag manually applied like "promo, warranty, loyalty" so that you can filter those orders. However, if those tags are imported into DEAR it would be hugely beneficial. Our old ERP TradeGecko had this and I was surprised to see that in DEAR the customer profile had a tag option, however, the order did not. You cant tag an order anywhere which allows for filtering in the reporting module.

    Please add this to the roadmap and get this planned out! Thanks, DEAR. I hope others see the benefit of this and upvote the idea.

  • This is a great idea.

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2 people like this idea
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