Option to Assemble Full Quantity

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We sell food products in both bulk sizes as well as smaller bags. We use assembly BOM to break down the bulk cases into the smaller quantities. Think a 10lbs case of product broken down into 10x 1lb bags. Since it's food product, we have to process an entire case even if the order is much smaller. We would like an option that if an order comes in and triggers an assembly, the entire quantity to produce is used as opposed to the minimum needed to fulfill the order.

As it stands, if an assembly is triggered automatically, we end up with fractions for our inventory counts. Like the example above, if an order for a single 1lb bag came in and we had 0 on hand, the assembly would process a single bag and bring our bulk inventory count from 1 to 0.9.

  • I think what you are looking for is the "Quantity to produce" setting in the assembly BOM setup. In your example, if you are breaking down the 10lbs pack into 10x 1lb bags then you need set the "quantity to produce to "10".


  • In the instance of a 10lbs case, I have that number set to 10 already . The problem is that if an order comes in for a single pound, DEAR processes the assembly of only a single productinstead of all ten. That leaves 0.9 of a single case. I have no idea if further orders would operate off the same case with the same lot code/expiration and I have no idea what will happen if we're down to less then a whole case and an order comes in for a full one. It's resulting in a huge mess or us having to manually approve and process every single order. Here's an example:


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