record multiple invoices against a single receipt

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Currently when processing a Purchase we cannot record multiple invoices against a single receipt. Unfortunately, sometimes we are busy in our warehouse and need to receive the stock to sell it straightway and the stock comes with no paperwork. In several occasions we find the stock has been invoiced in several documents, that would require undoing all the receipts together with the fulfilments if sold. 

Being able add multiple invoices would solve the issue.

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  • We have the same issue ourselves. We don't know when booking in whether we are going to receive one invoice for all goods or an invoice per despatch. Once you have booked in stock and despatched some of this stock, you are unable to undo, because it says some stock has already been used!
  • Are you using Advanced Purchase or Simple Purchase? 
    You are probably aware that Advanced Purchase allows you to have multiple Receipts & Invoices per Purchase, although I'm not sure that exactly solves the issue?

  • We use advance. Yes, you can select múltiples receipts and invoices, but if you received all the stock together (without having any documents with you), then if afterwards you get 2 invoices for it, you cannot split them. You have to undo the whole receipt and create 2 receipts & 2 invoices for that PO. It lets you create multiple receipts per invoice, but not the other way. We select in settings we stock receive first and doesn't seem to make any effect.
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2 people like this idea
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