Changes to payments from eComm site syncing (BigCommerce)

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Has anyone else experienced this change about a month ago? 

Initially our eCommerce site (powered by BigCommerce) would pull in orders into Dear via a webhook as soon as the order was placed in our store, along with the payment line at the same time. Then about a month ago, Dear stopped adding the payment line to the order, it would just import the order, nothing else. 

Talking with Support, they first said it was a mapping issue (how could it be, when it had been working with no issues for 6 months and then suddenly stopped). BigCommerce support have said that they previously there were 5 GET requests from Dear when it was working, and now there are only 4 GET requests. 

Finally, Support have said that the "improvement" has been made to only import the payment once the invoice has been authorised. But, this is only happening once an hour, with a maximum of 100 payments.

So, if we pick, pack and ship an order, the invoice in Dear doesn't show the payment applied against the invoice. this will only happen after the hour? 

Am I missing something here? Sorry for the long post, but I just can't see a practical reason why this change happened!

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