Shopify Exchanges - Updated Shopify Process needs to Sync to Dear

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Shopify changed their exchange process last month. Now any exchanges done in Shopify are done against the original sale. Previously Shopify created a new order which was 'paid for' by an exchange credit generated from the original order.

As such, exchanges now done in Shopify (including Shopify POS) don't sync correctly with Dear. Any returned items are credited and re-stocked accordingly in Dear. However there is no record whatsoever in Dear of any new items that are taken in the exchange. This obviously has a massive impact on stock and has to be completed manually in Dear. This is not a feasible solution.

Please can Dear fully integrate with Shopify's new exchange process, in a similar way to how it processes exchanges via Vend and Dear POS.

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  • Agree, we do exchanges differently though, we do them in Dear, but they also don't sync with the customers order in Shopify, which would be useful to have client order updates. Happy to change how we do things, but wherever the exchange is instigated, it needs to be sunk with the other platform.

  • Just of interest, how do you process your exchanges in Dear?

  • I am having this same issue with exchanges in Shopify.  The original order imports to Dear, and the credit invoice for the return imports to Dear.  But the replacement item which the customer takes has no matching invoice in Dear. This new replacement item invoice is paid for with the credit invoice. I now need to manually create an invoice for EVERY exchange order (manually create in Dear) to fix inventory levels.  

    This issue propagates over to my link to Xero (accounting package) but the issue is with Shopify and Dear and fixing it, should fix my entries in Xero.

    I am going to report this as a bug. It used to work fine.

  • I didnt think exchanges in Shopify had ever worked with Dear? They 100% need to look at doing something like this. 

    Further to that, are you sure you can even exchange when using Vend? 

  • The old Shopify Exchange process worked to a degree in Dear. In that the exchange created a new order (in both Shopify and Dear) and used a credit from the original order to pay for the new one.

    Exchanges done in Dear POS work perfectly and I believe the same is true in Vend, although I've never personally tested this.

    Such a shame that exchanges don't sync seamlessly as this is a fundemental aspect of running a retail business.

  • The fact that Shopify POS Exchanges work perfectly yet they cant replicated it for online order exchanges is bizzare. 

    This needs to be implemented. 

  • Agreed - Dear need to maintain their Shopify integration, it's not something they can just build and then forget.

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5 people like this idea
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