Voided documents - restore, clone, show content

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At the moment voided documents cannot be restored, cloned and they don't show the info existing on these docs before the void operation.
While this perhaps makes sense on paper and in theory, it is not practical in real-life, real-work, real-business situations.

At a minimum, if the voided documents still remain irreversible, they should still show the content they had previously (it doesn't defy the purpose of voiding, but provides actual helpful information and insight to the users) and allow cloning - as cloning is in no way an edit of the voided document, but a duplication which involves creating a new, separate document, with the voided document remaining the same.

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  • yes, i also agree.
  •  Agree. As is stands, there is no record of what was voided! It is like an info black hole.

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4 people like this idea
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