Exporting/Importing/Cloning MTO Boms

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For any companies using MTO BOM, they all probably know how long it takes to setup, due to the lack of ability to import or clone, the number of steps involved in creating a make to order BOM, and the fact the more you add to your make to order BOM the slower the page gets. All of this ends up with it taking hours to create a complex product, man companies I have worked with especially in vehicle manufacturing have several  of these complex BOMs which means days of their time spent in just setting these up and that's presuming they already have a full understanding of what they're doing. Due to this i would like to request the ability to streamline this process with either export, import functionality or if the structure for that is too complex, just the ability to clone current MTO BOMs so you we don't need to start from scratch for each variation.

Another aspect of the make to order BOM i think you should relook at is the way price deltas and product families work together, as you can use a product family and price delta together however it is against the whole family not each item meaning product families are fairly useless if you plan on using price deltas as unless all the items in the family are value the same the price delta will not be correct.

Hope I explained these features and why they would be useful clearly

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Sean IVes

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