In Availability, need to see qty's that people have ordered without them being 'Allocated'

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We do not ship orders for our products in the order in which they are received.  Large catalogs place orders several months before a catalog or new online offering in order for our handmade items to be fulfilled.  If I receive an online retail order for one unit of a sku and we have 7 on hand, I need to be able to ship it today even if 500 units are allocated to orders that are shipping 4 months from now WITHOUT having to undo all the orders that are shipping in the future and then having to find them again and re-allocate product to them.  I cannot just enter the orders that are far out and NOT allocate product because if the product is not ALLOCATED our vendor relations manager cannot identify what our production needs are among our various producers and what we need to order from them.  It is very frustrating. 

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  • Agree. We have the same basic issue, except that our inventory is long lead time freight stock. So we might have 5 units in stock and 50 units on order, then one customer orders 20 units and then next day another orders 2 units for urgent supply - but Dear as already allocated the stock on hand towards then first order so you cannot fulfill the second order.

    This was a frequent issue, and we ended up reverting our Shopify integration to "No picking" so that all our processing tasks for each order are manual. When we were setup for Auto Pick, we were undoing orders all time.

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2 people like this idea
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