Efficient Barcode Label printing

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Hi Community,

Im new to Dear and really struggling to get clear direction on LABEL PRINTING.

We are running DEAR INVENTORY (NOT POS) and want to select a product and click print LABEL and a dedicated label printer spits out a custom size label.  

From what support tells me, Dear creates a PDF which then needs to be opened and printed again to the label printer.  This seem incredibly inefficient.  Has anyone got a simple one click solution running?  I'd love to know which printer and label sizes so i can start with getting hardware I know works.

Many thanks,

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  • We use Dear Inventory and print multiple labels.  I agree the creating of a PDF does seem an extra unwanted step (the pdf does open automatically) which we are just used to after a few months using the system.  We currently use labels which are 38mm x 25mm but find these too small with our product names so are looking to change to 50mm x 25mm

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2 people have this question
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