E-commerce orders capturing date as per the Bulk Ship Authorize date

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Hi Dear Support,

It would be really helpful if you could add the following feature which is capturing the Shipment date as per the date the shipment has been bulk authorized. 

Right now the way it works is when an order comes in from an e-commerce platform and the shipment tab is bulk authorized it will capture the date according to the sales header.

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  • To clarify further on this.

    Even if the Ship Date setting in General Settings is set to "Today" or "Same as Invoice" it will be completely ignored when handling e-commerce sales in bulk instead of using the order creation date every time.

    This is causes a conflict when bulk shipping a mix of products generated via separate sources, where some use the correct shipment date the bulk action was processed on and the others are backdated due to their e-commerce creation date.

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3 people like this idea
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