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Posting on behalf of a customer.

1. Lock the BOM. It's too loose. If someone unwittingly clicks on a product, it disappears. The user then has to remember what the product was, find it and reselect it.

After the Products have been selected and the BOM completed or "locked", the products should turn into links instead of dropdown fields.

2. Display the Unit of Measure the product is going to be consumed on the BOM section of the product screen. I.e. add another column immediately after the quantity column called UOM

3. Create a Bill of Materials screen that shows a list of all Bills of Materials. That way, the user doesn't have to go to the product and then click BOM. The user could just go to the BOM screen and select the BOM.

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  • Yes please! That would be a huge help for my business too
  • Absolutely - locking BOM is a great idea. I've also have issues where BOM gets changed unwittingly. Need a lock and unlock button so it can still be amended later.
  • I’ve found it silly that there is no list or report that shows all BOMS that exist. Seems pretty straight forward and a complete miss on DEAR. Hopefully they take this request seriously and will roll it out.
  • Yes BOM listing report is very needed. This is available even on much more basic other systems
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6 people like this idea
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