Copy all account data to a sandbox testing environment

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DEAR needs a testing environment where users can try new configurations or processes without affecting their live data.

The current process is to:

1. Create a new organisation

2. Manually export several dozen CSVs one by one from the live account

3a. Manually import several dozen CSVs one by one into the demo account

3b. Fix all the errors when importing the CSVs (where dependent data doesn't yet exist etc)

4. Manually replicate all settings (reference books, general settings)

Because the data in the demo account doesn't survive more than 14 days this needs to be repeated as necessary.

By automating this process it would save many customers a lot of time. Could DEAR add a 'clone to sandbox' feature? Some of DEAR's competitors already have this function.

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  • Fully agree - This is needed for staff training as well as testing system settings changes, etc..

  • Totally agree

  • Another thing it could copy across: templates

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4 people like this idea
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