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In the game "trap the cat," a cat is hidden inside a board with ticking boxes. Only if you hold on to it will you be able to win. You need both speed and strategy to win at this game. You are the one who needs to catch the cat in question. Make sure the cat doesn't get away!

There are a lot of people who play this game every day. If you want to win, you'll need to know a few tips and tricks. The rules are easy to follow. To keep the cat from getting out, you have to press a different button on the control panel.

What is the game Trap the Cat?

The point of Trap was Try to catch the cat in the Cat game by clicking on the spots to make them darker. A cat is stuck on a spot panel, and you can't let it out. The cat moves every time you cover a spot. Don't let the Cat get away!

How do you play "Catch the Cat"?

The goal of the game is to trap a cat on a small board with cells that are either dark green or light green. If a cell is dark green, the cat can't move, but if it's light green, it can. Each click moves the cat forward one square, and the goal is to not let it get away.

How often can you play Trap the Cat in a day?

You can play Trap The Cat in your Web browser as many times as you want (desktop and mobile). There's no need to download the game.

What does the game "don't let the cat get away" mean?

Trap The Cat is a fun online game in which you try to keep a cat from getting out of certain places. Click the spots to make them darker and try to catch the cat.

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