Prevent draft purchase from being printed/emailed

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Currently, users without purchase authorisation permission can create a draft purchase and print/email it immediately.  So technically it can be sent to the supplier before internal authorisation.  We should be able to prevent this, maybe by making the email button not available until the purchase is authorised.  (I think most people might still want the print button available in case they want to view the PDF.)

On that note, I would like the the transaction status field available in the PDF template.  That way, the template can be customised to say "Draft Purchase Order" or "Purchase Order" based on the actual status.

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  • Fully agree - basic but very vital feature
  • Totally agree, but if the email / print buttons can't be hidden until the PO is authorised.  Is there a Purchase process MailMerge field that can be used in the PO template, so when it's printed or emailed you can show a status of the PO (Authorised / Not Authorised)?

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5 people like this idea
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