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Hi there,

We would like to suggest to have an option to turn on/off the Picking for Kitting feature, as this is not applicable to all industries or company processes. For example, if the finished good being sold is a soda can, and the components are carbonated water, flavor, and a can. The pickers are not expected to pick the components in the Sales Order of the WMS, but they should only be able to pick the soda (FG) rather than components.

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  • Please implement this immediately as any one who had manual assemblies cant use WMS effectively due to the change. 

    The change should have happend to auto assembled product not manual assemblies in my opinion. 

  • The documentation says that the pickers will be asked to pick the assembled product - unless it's not in stock.

    Does it not work this way in practice?

  • Unfortunately, this will not work for some of our clients. If the "Kit" is not available (missing components) in DEAR, it does not allow partial picking of the Sales Order in the WMS. Unlike before we can partially pick the available items in the Sales Order.

    Another is that when the "Kit" is not assembled in the DEAR when the Sales Order is scanned in the WMS - the components of the "Kit" is shown rather than the "Kit" or the Finish Product. This confuses the Pickers because what is shown in the Sales Order is different than the one that is in the Picking manifest of the WMS. 

    In the "Picked for Kitting", it is somehow forcing the "Assembly" and the "Picking" to be processed in the "Sales Order Picking" of the WMS. This would work with other industries that have Kits being assembled as they are picked, but this would not work with others that have their Assembly Line separate from the Picking Operation.

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