Can we create a role for different location with it's sales order also.

started a topic over 1 year ago

Can we do this feature on future release?

For example : 

We want to create 2 roles for 2 different locations.

For example we need roles as following:

1. role name : NewyorkUsers

2. role name : CaliforniaUsers

Currently we have 2 inventory sources: 1st is for Newyork location and 2nd is for Californica. so what we need is NewyorkUsers can see only New York related orders, inventory and all. and CaliforniaUsers can see only California related orders, inventory and all.

Currently what feature we have is like we've created 2 different roles with required location restrictions.

but still we can see all the orders and inventory for both the users.

Any other solution regarding this to make a restriction as required?

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