Best way to pull unit cost data from the API

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We've connected DEAR's API to an SQL database Google BigQuery with some custom code. To date, we've focused on sales related reporting.

I'd really like to start monitoring the rising costs of our purchased materials. I basically want to recreate the type of data in the Purchase Cost Analysis report from the API (Product unit cost per purchase order over time). This will allow us to analyze and monitor trends using MS Power BI.

As I dig into the v2 API data model, I feel like I can easily pull this data from the Purchase or Product endpoints.

Does anyone have any pointers?



  • I assume you mean that you can't easily pull this data. Unfortunately I don't think I can help. But I'd love to know more about your integration with BigQuery. Was it an expensive or complex exercise? I find that reporting in DEAR is a weak spot and am looking around for options.

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