Stock Transfer and WMS app Improvements

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I realised the Stock Transfer module is seriously underdeveloped when comparing with Sales and Purchase.
  • WMS app currently does not allow removing items from Stock Transfer Orders. It is extremely inflexible. When the item has to be removed in the transfer order, we have to modify the order from the backend. Imagine when the warehouse is in the middle of picking up the goods in WMS app, when the order is undo and modified in the backend, everything has to be done from the beginning. We cannot implement WMS app all because of this.

  • The Stock Transfer Orders have to make sorting the line items by SKU / Bin locations / stock locators available. This function exists in SO / PO / Production Orders. Why does it not exist in stock transfer?

  • Even in the WMS app, the sorting of screen orders by SKU / bin locations / pick status is seriously needed as when the order has > 100 items, the whole transfer list looks scattered. 

  • When the goods are to be transferred to POS locations. When discrepancy exits from "stocks sending out" and "stock receiving", there has to be some way to alert and modify the order at the goods receiving location / POS. Now there is no solution except popping up an error.

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