Authorise pick quantity that is greater than sale order quantity

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As part of a manufacturing process, there are can be variances in the quantity of output from a production run. This can be either greater than or less than what a customer has originally ordered. If we have produced more than what was originally ordered, the customer will still take the total number of stock from our production run e.g. 10% within the range of sales order.

Now, it's not possible to pick more than what was ordered, but this feature should be available. This form of manufacturing is very common for made to order production/clothing production etc. Why is this feature not available?

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  • Would it be more accurate to address the over-produced qty in the Production stage rather than order Fulfilment?  Or increase stock on hand qtys through a Stock Adjustment.

  • Yes, I agree with you. 

    besides the situation you described, we encounter another situation. 

    our customer sells the beef. in the customer order, they need 10 kg. but when the warehouse keeper cuts the beef and weight it, the total qty is 10.5 kg (it is difficult for the warehouse to keep to cut the beef with 10 kg without any deviation ). and the customer accepts to ship a total of 10.5 kg and pays 10.5 kg. but the system does not support this scenario currently. 


  • Agree.

    In sales, it is normal to send more goods than orders. Because the quantity of some goods is difficult to control.,at the same time, customers will accept the extra quantity and pay for it. If it's not possible to pick more than what was ordered, the current operation is to undo the order, which will bring great difficulties to the operation.

  • @Daniel Millott

    The over produced quantity is already reference in the production order as the output quantity, so the stock on hand quantity is accurate. This is not the issue, the issue is that you cannot pick more than what you've ordered on the sales order, not the stock count.

  • @Haruki

    Yes, the undo process is currently not a feasible solution as this is quite time consuming.

    I forgot to mention that there should also be a feature where you can opt to pick based on all available quantity too as made to order stock is never kept on hand.

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