Ability to allocate Sales Costs to Sales Orders

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DEAR Systems user really appreciate the module to Allocate Landed Costs to a Purchase, Stock Transfer/Stock Adjustment, Assembly or Production Run from a separate invoice. The same module could be extremely useful to allocate Sales Costs. Sales Costs are costs incurred after the Landed Cost, on sales, such as transportation, lumper and slotting fees, when customers buy on delivered terms. Sales Costs must be allocated to Sales Orders, not to Landing Costs, because adding to Landing Costs increases the landed costs for all sales in a specific lot, instead of adding costs just to the sale to the customer that wants product delivered, or that charges lumper fees for delivering the product.

Would be great if DEAR Systems could add allocation of Sales Costs to the Allocation Module. The Module is already there, and it is a great feature. Adding allocation to Sales Order, it would make it even better. 

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3 people like this idea
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