Customer Company Name and Contact name mapping flawed

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Please refer to ticket 257814. Especially the video in that ticket.  Dear Support says the the software is working according to design. If that is the case, then the design is flawed and needs to be fixed. Dear Support claimes that the Dear developers told them QBO API doesn't allow Dear to get the mapping right. 

The problem is: Dear maps the Dear Customer Company name to the QBO customer First Name Field. It's completely rediculous. If the Dear user serendered to this model, they would loose all their main contacts in QBO because they woudl be replaced with the company name. Or they would experienc duplicates if they tried to have contact names and company names seperate. 

I have looked at how other inventory software programs handle the customer field mappings and I have looked at how a CRM handles the customer field mappings. None of them have the mapping setup the way Dear does. The way Dear does it creates cyclical duplicate problem. 

The invenotry software i have looked at avoid mapping the customer contact name fields entirely. Method:CRM maps to the customer contact first name and last name without a problem both directions. See the attached video that shows the Method:CRM mapping to QBO. 

In my oppinion, this should not be a "feature request" this should be the highest priority BUG you have.

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