Sales report incuding BOM parts

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It would be a great help is there was a report that showed total sales by unit for all parts, including SKU's that are consumed as part of a BOM Assembly. 

For example, if SKU A is made up of SKU's B, C & D, and SKU's B & C are also sold as stand alone products, I can only find a report that shows sales for SKU A as an assembled SKU and the usage of SKU's B & C as stand alone sales, but not used in the assembly of SKU A. I know that I can export the sales report and break it down manually, but there must be logic in there that can calculate this. For forecasting and reordering purposes, I need to know how many of SKU B & C I am consuming across all products.

The closest I've got is the PRODUCTION COST ANALYSIS report that show the breakdown of BOM materials and then combining it with the SALES ORDER DETAIL report, but I would like to see a single report. 


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