DEAR WMS - Add Sales Order Information to Pack Screen

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When using the DEAR WMS Android app to pack sales orders it's very difficult to select the correct shipping service and also there is no way to see sales order notes.

It causes an unnecessary break in our workflow as currently we are having to post notes to the operatives through a messaging service outside of the DEAR WMS. It's not reliable and time consuming. 

I would be great if at the top of the Packing screen you could see the basic following information:

Customer Name

Shipping Country

Order Total


See a mock-up of how it could look below:


This could be a setting in the DEAR WMS integration area to show or hide this information. It would be hugely beneficial to us and many other customers I'm sure.

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  • I support this idea. I was disappointed when I discovered this was missing (especially the notes). It means that we have to print out paper picking slips, even if we also use the WMS app.

    It would be good if the customer could choose which additional fields were displayed in the app. 

    Another field that would be useful is the line comments. Unit of measure is also missing, which can be important.

  • I agree with this idea. But in addition to that, showing a customer reference number would be even more important!

    Since DEAR is now positioning itself from just an inventory system but also granting much more impression shares in the e-commerce market. DEAR has its own sales order number automatically generated upon a sale creation. But the WMS app doesn't display the customer reference number which is going to be the Amazon Order#, Shopify Order#. We also work with retailers like Wayfair, which they have their own order# as well that are also being recorded in the "Ref" field in a DEAR sales order. This is extremely important as most people are going to pack the goods out order by order. While DEAR WMS app only display the DEAR order number without customer reference number and the pack stage would be totally useless in the WMS app. 

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2 people like this idea
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