Manage Shopify "Compare at" Prices in Dear

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Allow the management of Shopify "Compare at" Prices in Dear. 

At the moment Dear allows us to specify which price tier is the retail price for our shopify store, but does not allow us to specify another price tier as the "compare at" price. 

If Dear allows us to specify a price tier to the shopify "compare at" price, we can manage the prices quickly via csv. 
Instead, we have to constantly login to 2 separate platforms, Dear and shopify, to manage these 2 price lists.

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  • Hello!

    We have read your concerns and need for the 'compare at' feature, we have approved this need and will be planning to get this implemented as soon as we can in the near future and provide updates on its progress. 

    Thank you all for your patience. 

  • Hi Malavikha, do you have any news on where this is at? I feel like every single business that uses DEAR and Shopify requires this feature

  • Hi Ben!

    We plan to release this feature within Q3 of 2023!

  • I see this has been implemented. But the integration settings have automatically selected a price tier (without any warning) to sync to Shopify Compare at pricing.

    This setting is evidently optional (no asterisk next to the label) but there is no way to not select a tier. The drop down box for this setting only shows your ten price tiers so you cannot disable the feature. This means you must either (1) select the same tier for Sale price and Compare at price so they are the same (2) dedicate a price tier specifically for Compare at even if you don't want to use it.

  • Hi Everyone!

    We have implemented the compare-at-price feature the same way we have it in our WooCommerce and BigCommerece integrations. 

    Is it not possible to remove the compare at price tier from showing to customers if not needed from Shopify side?

  • Hey Yohan,
    Thanks for implementing this.
    From my experience, if within Shopify the compare at price matches or is lower than the price it is not shown on the front end (webshop).
    If the value is 0 or empty it is not shown.
    So this funcionality of mapping to a price tier will work well for us, thank you.



  • Hi Yohan,

    The simplest work around I guess is to either (1) select the same price tier as the retail tier to make the discount of no effect, or (2) select an unused price tier so that Compare at value is $0.00

    But there are two concerns:

    a) The Shopify integration in Dear/Cin7 automatically selected the next price tier for Compare At without asking. Thankfully for us the automatically chosen tier was a lower price than the one we have linked for Sale price so it had no visible effect. But it COULD have been be big surprise if it was the other way around.

    b) If anyone for any reason DOES want to manage discounts or Compare at pricing manually in Shopify then they won't want the Compare at price field written into at all. In that case it would be better to be able disable sync for the Compare at pricing altogether.

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6 people like this idea
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