Add Report Name to Exported Reports file

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Currently when you export a report as CSV the Report Name is not included in the export file. It is only in the file name. It is not always practical to save the report with file name as report name. If file gets saved with different name the reference to the Dear Report name is lost. This makes it very challenging when you want to run an updated version of a previously exported report. Please add Report name to Title in CSV exported reports.

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  • Absolutely agree, had exactly that issue yesterday - there about 4 lines at the top of the reports so plenty of space to add this. Would also be great if the Excel format could be saved, ie page format, margins, header & Footer info, etc... (Or allow the pdf format to be editable) as we currently use Excel then they all need editting every time to put into a workable printable format
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2 people like this idea
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