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One of the most frequently reported metrics that I've seen in businesses in the value of "orders in" - generally for today/this month/this year. This is simply the total value of the sales orders, excluding tax.

We have recently implemented DEAR, and to my surprise this figure is very difficult to extract.

The best solution that DEAR Support have been able to suggest is to run the Sales Order Detail report, and deduct the Tax amount from the Sale amount. However, this doesn't include additional costs.

It is also quite annoying to have to manually calculate the total of the two values, especially if you run the report once or twice a day.

I can't believe that other DEAR users are doing this. What are you all doing? Any tips or workarounds?

  • In case anyone is wondering, this metric measures the business's sales performance regardless of whether the sales have yet been invoiced or paid. It's particularly important for businesses with long lead times, as the orders won't be invoiced until they are dispatched several weeks or months down the track.

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