Dashboard "Products Overview" should be a proper report

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Dear's reports are underwhelming. It's one of my biggest issues with the platform. There are too many report types that don't allow you to customise them in a way to be useful. Many of them are "almost useful". Pivotgrid feels archaic, as does the layout of the reports in general - and you are extremely limited as to which fields you can introduce in each report type.

The reports module, as it is now, deosn't seem to fit in with the modern UI of the dashboard and other areas of the platform. It feels disjointed and outdated.

Yet, there's a hint at a friendlier approach to reports that we get teased with on the dashboard. The "products overview" block. Top sellers, worst sellers - all shout out as great intuitive reports merchants would want, to highlight product performance and grade products over a time range. But you can't filter this data by location, nor can you export this. It's way too simple to be useful.

Please can the team elaborate on this, making the "prduct overview" blocak an actual report with more options and filters. I'd really like to see Dear overhaul the whole reports section entirely and make it cleaner, more customisable, and more user friendly, like the way Shopify handles reports. 






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  • Fully agree - even simple things like locking in date filters to a saved report doesn't hold, so you have to reset dates every time.  For example, I would expect an invoice report to be able to lock in dates for current month, or previous month.

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2 people like this idea
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