Custom Prices Enabled in B2B Portal

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Custom prices should be accessible in the B2B Portal without allowing all other customers to see the product.  This seems rather basic to me, that if a price is $0.00, then it is intended not to be available for that price tier.

We have multiple customer-specific products w/ $0.00 in all price tiers, except we enter an actual price in the Custom Prices tab.

However, if we enable this product for B2B Portal, then ALL OTHER CUSTOMERS SEE THE PRODUCT W/ $0.00 PRICE.  Ridiculous and poor technical design.

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  • We have a slightly different system where we have many products available to customers but we set the price at $0.00 because we don't always know the current price.  This prompts our customers to call us for the price rather than leaving us open to losses...... We like that our customers can still see products with $0.00 set in their price tier.  However, we too have customer specific products and agree that there needs to be a system where we can decide which customers see certain products.

  • Hi, Michael!

    The main purpose of B2B store is to help our customers to sell more, and DEAR gives a lot of opportunities to show different prices for various cases:

    1) first of all, you can set the price tier to use for particular customer (Customers → "Sale Price Tier"); this price is generally displayed for product when customer is logged on B2B portal;
    2) secondly, price level for B2B "Guest" might be set (Integrations → B2B → General → "Price Tier for Guest User") and used to show product price for all "not logged" users;
    3) also, the RRP price can be enabled (Integrations → B2B → General → "Price Tier for RRP"); BTW, it's not shows if price for product in chosen related price tier is 0;
    4) and finally, a "custom" price for particular customer and product pair might be set, overriding normal price for product.

    Those options are usually enough to solve the task of showing the different prices to various customers for products listed on B2B.

    So could you please clarify if you'd like to hide the product itself or product price - when custom price is set?

    Thx in advance!
    Seva Voronin, DEAR Systems Product Owner

  • Id like to hide the product itself from ALL CUSTOMERS except the 1 customer with the custom price.

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