Draw the Criminal

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Allow your inner sketch artist to go wild as you assist cops.

Listen to the victims' descriptions and draw what you think the culprit looks like for the lineup using your amazing sleuthing skills.

Can you assist in saving the day and apprehending the master criminal?


-Draw the criminal

-With vibrant artwork

-Multiple stages with increasing complexity

-Comedic characters

-Work as a detective


Draw the Criminal is an entertaining drawing game in which you must depict a criminal exactly as told. The police employ identikit, a plastic reconstruction resource, to obtain an image of a suspect based on the description provided by witnesses to a crime. Today, you will be able to undertake this intriguing duty of catching some baddies with the help of this free online game.

Pay attention to what the witnesses have to say and try to sketch the suspect as precisely as possible. Once you've finished, you must identify him or her among the captives in order to send them to jail right away. Do you believe you're good enough at drawing to catch criminals? On cookie clicker, you can play Draw the Criminal, a free online game!





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