Report - SKU, name, UOM, stock available, unit cost & stock cost value, unit sale price & stock sale value

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Currently there is no report in Dear that provides all this information in one place - info which is essential in any wholesale or retail business and info which for a system as advanced as Dear it should be just a click away.

Instead, we are being "forced" to run 2-3 separate reports and then put them together in excel - which is totally unsustainable and dragging the efficiency down quite a lot.

The Product Availability report looks like the best point to start, as this reports needs just a little enhancement to meet all these criteria:

- the SKU & name should not show in the same field on the screen - makes no sense, especially since they are being exported as separate fields in excel

- stock sale value should be shown - either calculated for a chosen price tier (chosen by the user), either calculated for each price tier

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