Stock Receipt triggered on wrong event

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Receiving of stock ie. the inventory numbers going up in the backend should happen only when the Stock Received tab is authorized (Step 5 below). However, what is happening instead is the stock numbers are get updated on checking the Received Box and hitting ‘Save’.


 This is very problematic because

Simply checking and unchecking the received box while saving the record will make the stock go in and out of the inventory


 The permission to ‘Authorize received stock’ might be an exclusive permission to some staff. With this current functioning, anyone with access to the tab is able to receive stock and make it go up or down arbitrarily.


I reached out to Dear Support via a support ticket reporting this issue and they said this feature currently exists for certain users to receive partial stock without having to make an advanced PO. But doing this undermines the purpose of having an 'advanced PO' feature in the first place and makes traceability of goods more difficult. Please improve this feature to receive stock specifically upon authorisation as it is supposed to.

Thank you

Rohit Sudarsan


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  •  I have not tested this issue but if it is true, it will need to be corrected.

  • Yes this happen to us. The stock got received in and through out our inventory. Also the tick box is automatically checked when copy from order. If my PO has 50 lines on it I will have to untick it 50 times line by line which is very very time consuming.

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2 people like this idea
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