'Advanced' Stock Transfer / stock transfer via multiple fulfilments

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Hi Support,

Some of our larger retail clients would really appreciate an expansion on the existing Stock Transfer Feature in the inventory module. It is currently able to do straightforward transfers from location A to location B that complete on a specific date and time.

However, there are instances where a high volume of goods are sent from location A but arrive at location B on different dates and times. If we take an example of 200 units, all in separate boxes, travelling from location A on January 7 then they might arrive at location B as:

40 units - Jan 8

30 units - Jan 9

60 units - Jan 12

70 units - Jan 13

This becomes an issue as the first 40 units may have physically landed at Location B, ready to sell, but the stock numbers cannot be received into that location because the remaining 160 units have not physically arrived there yet. This leaves the entire Stock Transfer stuck as 'In Transit' until all 200 units have physically arrived OR the workaround to this is along the lines of undoing and editing the stock transfer and creating new stock transfers as each delivery gets made. This workaround is time-consuming especially when these incidents take place during very busy, high-volume sales periods and when a client has multiple store locations and warehouses involved.

Another reason the stock transfer feature can be expanded on is that for large transfers of many items, the goods that are sent are not always identical to the goods that are received because 1. the input of the stock transfer may have been keyed in inaccurately 2. some goods may have been misplaced in the process of transiting. A method to track 'sent' and 'received' items separately like in separate tabs can improve tracking of goods movements and discrepancies like this.

The feature changes that we would like you to consider are:

1. Emulate the 'simple-advanced' layout used in the Purchase Order screen to the Stock Transfers so that large and complex fulfilments can be tracked without transfer 'undos', stock adjustments and other workarounds. This would be the ideal solution as multiple fulfilments would to allow to select from 'remaining' undelivered stock

2. An easier alternative to implement in the interim would be a button to 'clone' a stock transfer record or a button to allow for 'copying lines from' from an existing stock transfer. This helps if a large transfer is split and then new stock transfer that gets created can get made a bit quicker and less manually.

We shall share this feature request with our clients to get their additional feedback on business cases, pain points, etc. that they experience on this.

Thank you



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  • Yes please!
  • This would be a big help, particularly the "Copying lines from" feature. Another tricky part of large transfers is that using the Put Away function for Bins is incredible time consuming. A "copy from order" feature, similar to what exists in Purchase Orders, would pre-populate this list and make assigning bins at the receiving address incredibly easy. 

    The end result would show a clean display of which items are still outstanding and which items have been received and to where.

    If DEAR can track the difference between stock which was picked/packed and stock which was received this could be a great way of reporting on items which have been lost or damaged in transit.

  • Yes please. Would love to see this function be activated as soon as possible.

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8 people like this idea
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