Stocktake Shows product in ALL bins

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I'm trying to do stock take bin by bin. When I filter the stocktake it pulls products all across my warehouse. I'm a furniture business and have large products in multiple bins. I need the ability to just do a stock take by the bin I filtered the stock take with. 

Stocktake is completely useless for me without this. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!

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  • This is a MASSIVE issue for us which I have tried to raise with DEAR before. We are the same where we have the same product sat in more than one bin as we use warehouse 1 to pick from and warehouse 2 is used as storage. Once stock in whse 1 is ready for replenishment we then transfer from whse 2.

    It absolutely does not make sense as to why the stock take function allows you to pick a specific bin you wish to stock take but then completely disregards that and pulls the products within it from all other locations.

    Please sort the feature as this causes massive issues during our stock take and makes the process completely inefficient!!

  • Agree with previous comments & original post. We'd also like to produce a stocktake list of all items housed currently in the location only, excluding all bin locations. Would it be possible to offer the filters with option to include/exclude. E.g. Stocktake of location, excluding bin location A1.

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4 people like this idea
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