Fix partial fulfilment integration with Shopify

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Hi Support,

On behalf of IntegrationKings and various clients, we would like to formally request your development team to fix the recurring issue of partial fulfilments in Dear Systems getting marked as fulfilled in Shopify. 

This has caused a great amount of pain to our clients who were looking for Dear as a solution in this space and are now manually updating the order status in both platforms leading to extra admin work, waste of time and money.

We will share this with several clients to upvote this request and also provide their pain points in more depth.




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  • This is a critical fix. We do not do a lot of partial fulfillment, but nevertheless the current functionality is simply wrong.

  • We would agree that this is critical to get fixed ASAP

  • Agreed. This is critical for our business.

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6 people like this idea
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