Expanded Pick List BOM - Consolidation

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PROBLEM:  When printing the Expanded Pick List, the BOM is listed by the top level Part.  Common Parts under each top level Part need to be manually summed.

EXAMPLE:  An Order is placed for three cars: CAR-B, CAR-W, CAR-R.  The cars are all the same except for the colours - Black, White, Red.  Currently, the Expanded BOM lists the Parts for each top level Part: CAR-B, CAR-W, CAR-R.  For example, the Quantity for each Part would be shown at this level e.g. 1 engine, 4 tires, etc.  This requires the Shop Floor to manually sum common 'sub' Parts of each top level Part.  Back to the example, when the Parts are pulled / put aside for the order, the picker must manually scan the BOM to know to pick 3 engines and 12 tires. 

SOLUTION:  Ideally, there would be the option to format the Expanded BOM to be shown at a Line Item level (which it already does) and on a consolidated level for the entire Order.  For example, the Quantity shown on the BOM would be for the whole Order e.g. 3 engines, 12 tires, etc.

Below is an example from our own system where a common part is shown twice instead of being consolidated to appear only once with a summed quantity.


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