Amazon & Etsy more regular order pulls

started a topic over 1 year ago

Currently the orders received on Amazon & Etsy (and maybe others) are only pulled into DEAR on the hour. So we potentially wait for up to an hour before the order shows on DEAR and be able to process. Up to an hour is when for example the order comes in at 1 minute past the hour and later.

There is a manual way to pull orders, but doing this is a frustration when we are using a system that is supposed to be automated and save us time (Never mind how expensive it is!).

The current process means that an order could come in which Amazon expect us to post that day, however if it is not spotted and seen in DEAR we won't start to process it until 2PM, 3PM, 4PM etc. This is when DEAR checks Amazon for new orders. This means we may not get the order out that day before the courier arrives to collect our post and therefore we get penalised by Amazon (and potentially booted from selling) and let the customer down

The feature request is for a more frequent polling of Amazon/Etsy etc. to pull orders in - Even every 10 minutes would work. It's a simple request and one which requires minimal code changes

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