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1) On the main order, customer, product list screens allow data to be filtered out. For example on orders if I have 3 warehouses, but ant to see just the orders for warehouse 2. Enable each column to be filterable.

2) Either add additional reports, or enable custom reports, where the data I want to see can be built into a report. Specifically I want to report on total sales less credit, and VAT, for a specific brand or set of customers, without having to see the 'noise' of seeing all of the individual orders

3) For Shopify integration allow products to be linked between shopify and Dear without having to push product data in either direction, so the update inventory is connected without having to overwrite and delete other product data in either system. Or even allow the selection of which fields are to be connected and synced between the two systems. I would have thought this could be a simpole update on the bulk list page as there is already a Unlink button, so would be nice to have a Link button added.

4) On an order, when a new one is created just automatically populate the Ship to company and name fields! If they need to be changed they can be edited, but every single order we create we end up having to manually add the ship to company name and contact.

5) When creating purchase credits provide the option of actually adding products and deducting inventory with a credit and return to supplier. And the adding of a supplier credit note number.

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2 people like this idea
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