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After recommending the WMS to multiple clients we have had the following requests made and see these as crucial for businesses using the WMS.

- Auto generation of Batch Numbers within the 'Receive' function 

- Ability to take photos within the 'Receive' section, this is crucial so that the warehouse can take photos of items or of delivery notes

- Recognition of default location within the 'Receive' function

- *Crucial* WMS ability to use FEFO and FIFO methodology in the app whereby the WMS is able to recommend the first in item to pick or the first expiry item to pick. currently there are no alerts or assistance for the pickers of which item they should be picking 

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  • I agree with this. Our specific requirements are to 1) show the default bin location field in the WMS product Put Away screen or include default location as an option in guided Put Away, and 2) for multi item pick lists, include the ability to skip and remove an item from a pick list.
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4 people like this idea
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