(Backorders) Reserve Sales Order Item Lines off an incoming Purchase Order

started a topic about 2 years ago

Dear Systems team,

We operate in an industry where collecting pre-orders of products before raising the purchase order of new products with the supplier is very typical. In most scenarios, we do not reorder the same product again once we've sold out.  

By selling in a pre-order manner, the Sales Orders and Invoices in DEAR default to the Backordered status when these products have not yet arrived at our warehouse.  

For backordered sales, it would be very useful to know how many units of each product is available that can be sold off the new purchase order, in addition to having the option to reserve the products on a sales order/invoice from an incoming purchase order. 

At present, if you were to put several of these items on a sales order, the Product Availability page will show a negative value for the item's availability and the positive equivalent value under the allocated column. It does not take into account what stock is arriving off the purchase order. 

It is also important for our sales team to be able to quickly determine how many of each item are available from the incoming purchase order, taking into account those items that have already been "allocated" to the other Sales Orders / Invoices that exist already in DEAR. 

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