Adding GP% Profit Margin to the product profile

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Posting on behalf of a customer.

The request is to add the GP% Profit Margin to the product profile so that they can see if they need to adjust the price to maintain their selling margins. 

They have also mentioned that when creating new SKUs, the Selling Margin GP% is not available as to when you put in a price it does not tell you what the margin is. Only by using a Calculator, to work out what price to sell a product for the GP% you want. There is nothing in Dear to know what your current GP% is when doing item Maintenance on a product or creating a product. Then the only way to know the GP% is to run a report or find out after you sold it when it is too late.

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  • The client has also shared the below documents for the development team further explaining their concerns and also methods of improving the product maintenance when it comes to viewing the GP% Profit Margin of a specific product.  ​​​​

    (11.6 KB)
  • Agreed. We need profit margins showing as we price up a product automatically. Profit margins should also be embedded in sales reports.

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