B2B - Showing unit price when selling in trays

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B2B is a fantastic tool, however, it requires some updates. 

Please add a feature to display the unit price when selling in trays/bulk packs and make this available per price tier. 
E.g. Selling 1 x tray of 8 units @ $8 each= $64 per tray -> It should display the unit cost of $8 each to save the customer from calculating -> We want to make this an easy shipping experience for customers to prevent them from abandoning their cart. 

Furthermore, can you update the additional units of measure so it automatically calculates the tray price per price tier. 

E.g. If i have a product for $8 per each unit then i create the additional unit of measure 'tray' with 8 units -> It would be helpful if the tray price was calculated automatically, rather than manually updating each new sku in Dear (per price tier). 

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2 people like this idea
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