B2B - View All Orders - Ability to view Sales Order summary information for orders entered through DEAR inventory

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Currently there is a setting in B2B that allows the display of B2B orders only of All order for a customer.

If the All orders setting is enabled, when a Sales Order that was NOT created via B2B is viewed, most of the detail is not displayed. See screenshot below.

This is not a particularly good customer experience for our B2B users. Although they can email a copy of the invoice to themselves if necessary, this would involve a number of additional tasks and use of additional applications for a customer OR our company may received additional requests for information increasing our workload.

Can you therefore please consider enhancing this functionality in B2B so that the summary order information displayed is consistent with an order that was created in B2B.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.

Kind regards, Mark Goodall


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  • Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    We wanted to confirm that the functionality works as expected.

    Once you choose All Orders on B2B integration page, you will be able to see the Sale Orders in B2B which were not created via B2B portal.

    If the SO is created in DEAR web, and the Invoice is not Authorised, the SO in B2B will show 0 total.

    Once you authorise the SO Invoice in DEAR web, the B2B will display all the details.

    We hope this clarifies.

    Many thanks.

    The DEAR Support team.

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