Fulfillment Issue with Split Orders Where DEAR Sends Incorrect Tracking Information to Shopify

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Hello DEAR Systems


It would nice if DEAR had the ability to partially fulfill orders in Shopify. Currently, when a particular order has been split into two fulfillments (each one sent from a different warehouse) and part of the order is fulfilled (say Fulfillment #1), the tracking number is sent back to DEAR and then DEAR sends the tracking number back to Shopify. Problem is that DEAR will fulfill the whole order in Shopify rather than the specific items that have been shipped as part of Fulfillment #1. This then triggers an email shipping notification to the customer, so the customer thinks the whole order has been shipped. Any future attempts to send tracking information for Fulfillment #2 are then blocked by Shopify.

We receive a number of phone calls and emails each week from customers wondering why only part of their order was shipped. We explain to them that their order was sent in more than one shipment, and manually email them the correct tracking information for each shipment. Dealing with these types of enquiries is time-consuming for our staff/ customers and could easily be avoided with an integration upgrade that allows orders to be partially fulfilled in Shopify. For a system that supports multiple warehouses and fulfillments, I’m very surprised this feature isn’t already available.

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1 person likes this idea
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