Automate restocking in DEAR of FBA returns determined to be sellable by Amazon

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Hello DEAR,

The DEAR - Amazon FBA integration that is part of the Integrations > Amazon, (not Integrations > FBA) currently supports automatic adding of the financial part of a return in the form of a Credit Note in DEAR.  DEAR, however, does not do restocking of items for returns that are sellable (as determined by Amazon).  Reference: DEAR Support article Amazon eCommerce Integration > Refunds and Returns

DEAR Support currently says that it's up to the user to restock items.  

It is disappointing that DEAR does not automatically do restocking of the Amazon FBA location(s) in DEAR.  I think this feature of restocking for the Amazon FBA location should be a high priority for DEAR given the very clear importance and domination of Amazon as an ecommerce channel.

Manually restocking for sellable Amazon FBA returns is a time consuming, manual process, ripe for automation.  Manual restocking is a particularly painful issue for high volume sellers.  Also, when restocking is not reflected in DEAR, stock levels in DEAR can eventually go to zero, when, in fact, there is stock at the physical Amazon FBA location and Amazon will continue to process orders with the items they have restocked.  This creates orders that cannot be fulfilled in DEAR because according to DEAR there is zero stock, requiring additional manual intervention with order processing - that is, manually fulfilling orders, after manually restocking items which Amazon determined to be resellable.

Below is an example of the Amazon Seller Central report that you can use to restock items that were determined by Amazon to be sellable and restocked for FBA fulfillment.  This is what can be used to manually update stock levels.  You could either do restocking at the DEAR sale order level, which is preferable but very time consuming, or do a stock adjustment with the total quantity for each of the restocked SKUs for the given time period for which you are processing.

Given that this data exists from Amazon, it would be my hope that DEAR could automate the process of restocking to the Amazon FBA location in DEAR for sellable stock for FBA orders.  All the data is there from Amazon in this report download.  I expect it is also available via the Amazon API and, if not, then maybe the downloading and processing of this CSV file could be automated by DEAR. 

Obviously, having correct stock counts for a given location in DEAR is super important for any business.  That is the whole point of having DEAR for most businesses. I believe automating restocking for Amazon FBA locations should be a high priority feature.







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  • Yes, we need this. We have run into this exact issue with backordered items because of restocked returns being sold again but DEAR being unaware and having negative inventory. 

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