Feature to add different customer address types into DEAR.

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Currently we can only add Business, Shipping and Billing. It would be great to have a feature to add multiple customer address types. such as PO Box, Freight Depot etc.

At least if there is a feature to change the current names of the address types, that would be helpful. 

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  • Perhaps a "Label" attribute for internal use would be helpful? I'd also just love to have a type called "Billing and Shipping" where a company only has one address.

  •  Having come recently moved over from Tradegecko/QBC we were surprised to find how limited Dear is with regards to customers' addresses. 

    1. The address field are not localised for our country: there is no "suburb" field available and the "state" field, which does not form part of a New Zealand address, is treated as compulsory.

    2. As mentioned above, the addresses cannot be renamed to e.g. "Auckland Branch", to allow a B2B customer to easily select the required address.

    3. There is no are no additional fields for business name, contact name, contact mail and contact phone to allow for customer's different branches (which may operate under different trading names)

  • Having the same problem as Steve!

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5 people like this idea
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