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The current options for customising email sender aren't sufficient. You can either configure to send from one address or from the user that is logged in. We have email addresses by functional area so need to configure the Dear emails to be sent by that functional area (e.g. orders@, accounts@, purchasing@ etc.) If we configure to show the sender as the logged-in user then you have multiple people trying to log in with the same user account, which isn't possible.

This could either be configured in the General Settings, so that Purchase Tasks are assigned to one sender and Sales Tasks to another. Or for even better control over Senders these should be configured on the Email Templates, the same way recipients are.

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  • I have logged the same issue before. We are struggling with the same issue here. We have resorted to all going from our sales email address then all return emails have to be forwarded to the correct department. As suggested this needs to be selectable on template, so each type of document goes from the correct address.
  • This simple change is Absolutely critical. Likewise we have most users working on multiple modules, in particular we have a dedicated email for sales emails and for all purchases plus a general email address. 

    Here is the very simple solution I can see as described ab in Stef's request. 

    1. Assign and email to modules in the general settings, eg in Sales Process Customisations add an email filed for email. 

    2. Assign the email in the email template 

    Either  or a combination can work. Please consider this most critically as for a small business it is important to manage communication well given our often limited time. I look forward to seeing this improvement. 

  • In Review, adding the email address to the email template does seem by far the best solution as it would allow us to be very specific with emails going out. 

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